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Inspiring Connections.

Igniting Creativity.

Fostering Relationships.

Impacting Community. 


Keeping the Harvard Spirit alive

Inspiring Connections. Igniting Creativity.

Fostering Relationships.

Impacting Community. 

Keeping the Harvard Spirit alive

The HBS community in Singapore is the largest in Southeast Asia with over 1,000 alumni members and growing. We represent a diverse mix of corporate, government and NGO organizations across Asia.

Our Club strives to create a sense of community that fosters personal and professional development, social impact, continuous learning and business and social relationships. While HBS alumni in Singapore represent the core of this community, the Club’s initiatives such as the Mentorship and New Venture and SME programs  strive to extend more broadly throughout Singapore and the region with the aim of giving back to society.

Whether you are a Singaporean, PR, expat on assignment or just visiting – if you are an HBS Alumnus, please reach out as we would love to hear from you.  

For alumni residing in Singapore, we encourage you to join as a member to receive exclusive benefits and get involved in our Club’s activities. Also, please join our LinkedIn and Facebook pages or stay tuned to our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest news and activities. 

We also offer a warm welcome to HBS Alumni from other cities to our events and community, since we know many of us travel often.

Come and Get Involved

Our Alumni connect, grow together, and give back through our signature initiatives. Join us!

New Ventures & SME Programs

HBS Club’s New Ventures and SME Program (NVSP) strives to connect HBS alumni with the start-up and SME community in Singapore. As part of this, NVSP hosts panel discussions on topics related to VC investing and challenges around building successful businesses in the region.

Alongside, the NVSP organizes strategic deep dive sessions by bringing together pre-selected late stage start-ups and HBS alums with expertise in that domain. Multiple start-ups have benefitted from the deep dive sessions organized by us.

Mentorship Program

Launched in 2015, the Mentorship Program is one of the Club’s best-known initiatives. Over 100 Alumni from HBSCS and our partner clubs step up to volunteer as Mentors every year.

If you are passionate about mentoring and sharing your life experiences with local tertiary students, then come join us! Applications open every August.

Alumni Forums

Experience the value of an Alumni Forum: a group of 6 – 8 HBS alumni who meet monthly, working together to help its members grow personally and professionally by sharing in an atmosphere of confidentiality, trust, and respect. By joining an Alumni Forum, you make an investment not just in your business future, but in improving all areas of your life.. 

Be a Member 

We welcome all HBS Alumni who reside in Singapore and neighboring countries, and frequent visitors to Singapore

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