Alumni Forum

Experience the value of an Alumni Forum: a group of 6 – 8 HBS alumni who meet monthly, working together to help its members grow personally and professionally by sharing in an atmosphere of confidentiality, trust, and respect. By joining an Alumni Forum, you make an investment not just in your business future, but in improving all areas of your life.

Alumni Forums are open to HBS Club of Singapore Premier members or Benefactors only.

Find out more about how the program has been run for HBS Clubs around the world.

Benefits of Alumni Forums

Enhances alumni happiness, success, and decision making, especially in times of stress and uncertainty.

  • It’s a “personal board of directors” that helps members deal with personal, business and family challenges and opportunities. Members gain helpful peer input on their most important life and business decisions.
  • Leader Development (leading oneself) and self-actualization to achieve one’s fullest potential as a leader and human being through greater self-awareness, personal and professional growth, as well as integrating one’s business, family and personal life and interests. The emphasis is on “Sharing the Whole Person.”
  • Leadership Development (leading others) – improving one’s ability to understand, grow, inspire, collaborate with and lead others.
  • Having support and accountability to make desired changes within one’s life.
  • Instills best-practices with respect to communication and interpersonal skills that are useful in every aspect of members’ lives.

How It Works

  • A group of 6-8 HBS alumni who meet on a regular basis in an atmosphere of confidentiality, trust and openness for the purpose of helping its members grow personally and professionally by sharing in each other’s business, personal and family experiences.
  • Forums designed so members have no substantive personal or business conflicts of interest that might inhibit trust, sharing and open communication.
  • Typically meet monthly for 4 hours in-person with 1-2 retreats per year.
  • Forums discuss issues important to each of its members, such as business, personal, family, career and leadership matters, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Self-managed by peer-selected moderators who follow a specified Forum model of established, proven principles, and best practices modeled on decades of experience in Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and EO (Entrepreneurs Organization).

To find out more, contact Program Champion, (MBA 2012).