New Venture & SME Program
The Program was created to build one of the most impactful ecosystems in Singapore to support the growth of new ventures and SMEs around the region.  The aim of this initiative is to give back to the start-up and SME community through sharing knowledge and expertise as well as connecting them with relevant alumni and key partners to promote their future growth.

The Program has been designed with three pillars in mind:

  • Knowledge and Insights Curating content from the region to share perspectives, best practices and case studies as well as host events with topics pertaining to the venture space.
  • Alumni engagement Creating a platform to facilitate alumni involvement in pro bono consulting and venture investing.
  • Connectivity Building an ecosystem comprising of new ventures, SMEs, venture capital and private equity firms, academia, government bodies and related partner organizations to facilitate connections in terms of strategic partnership and funding opportunities.
For more details on the Program, either to get involved as a volunteer, partner or sponsor, please contact